Aging and Wisdom

Dr. Dilip V. Jeste, MD, Director of the Global Research Network on Social Determinants of Mental Health, and former Senior Associate Dean for Healthy Aging at UCSD.

He was mentored at KEM by Drs. N.S. Vahia and D.R. Doongaji and made a mark for himself in the US, achieving many laurels.

He was the first Asian-American elected to serve as President of American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its 175-year history, and the first psychiatrist of Indian origin to be elected to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine.

Please find a link, about the Jeste-Thomas index, that will allow you to measure your own wisdom, encouraging you to read his book Wiser.

Talks by Dr. Jeste

Enjoy these talks by a geriatric neuropsychiatrist as he discusses aging and quantifying wisdom with the ability to positively modify it.

Enjoy the journey!

Dilip Jeste, MD

TEDMED Talk: Seeking Wisdom in Graying Matter

Behavioral Epidemics need Behavioral Vaccines

Resilience, Social Support & WISDOM

Webinar, UCLA Longevity CenterĀ 

Discussion on Science & Nurturing of Practical Wisdom

UCSD, Stein Institue: Live Long, Prosperous & Healthy Lives

Wisdom & Successful Aging