Getting Better

Gulserene Dastur, lovingly called “GS”

Gulserene Dastur’s quest to help support patients with financial difficulties brought her to our alma mater KEM Hospital
at the suggestion of Dr Ranjit Nagpal, her late father’s neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital

Using her father’s life insurance payout, she embarked on her first production of a documentary at the age of 57, while dividing her time between Geneva and Mumbai for over 7 years (2008-2015). Her aim was to raise funds and awareness for KEM and GSMC

Please enjoy the fruits of this journey of discovery, which helped assuage her grief, while also enabling her to touch many hearts

Her summary says it all. “It is not a perfect place, but it is doing its best”

“The Standing Committee” discussing the filming

GS, Pooja Gupte & Dr. Ramakantan on the sets of “Getting Better”

Group Picture at a TED Talk organized by Gosumecs

It’s Never Enough

Nothing is Easy, But Nothing is Impossible

Conversation with Dr. Sanjay Oak