Jag Singh’s electrifying Inaugural Pioneer Speaker Series Oration, ‘Future Care’, at KEM, captivated nationwide attention.

Embraced by students, faculty, and visitors, the event garnered accolades in newspaper reviews and media interviews.

Jag Singh, esteemed Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and former Clinical Chief of Cardiology at Mass General Hospital, received his DM in Cardiology from GS Medical College & KEM Hospital.

His academic pursuits led him to Oxford University for a doctoral degree and to MIT-Harvard for a Master’s.

In ‘Future Care’, Jag discusses the impending digital transformation of medicine, emphasizing its profound implications for patients, healthcare professionals, and humanity at large.

Jag, a distinguished Cardiac Electrophysiologist, seamlessly intertwines his roles as a clinician and scientist.

His research endeavors prominently feature innovative device therapies, sensor technologies, artificial intelligence applications, and advancements in virtual care.

Analyzing the Future of Healthcare with Jag Singh, broadcast on CNBC TV following the inaugural Pioneer Speaker Series oration.