Corpus Fund

Dr. Bhagyashree Prabhu, an alumna, received crucial financial support through the Dr. K.T. Gajjar Scholarship from the Gosumec Alumni Association to overcome financial hurdles.

Individual donors providing sponsorship for students’ entire MBBS course

Kalyani Bhuta MD

Kalyani Bhuta MD

UG 1967

General Surgeon
Valhalla, New York
Romi Chopra MD

Romi Chopra MD

UG 1979

Interventional Radiology
Chicago, IL
Kishore Harjai MD

Kishore Harjai MD

UG 1982

Interventional Cardiology
St Louis, MO

P.B.Iyer (Ram) MD

P.B.Iyer (Ram) MD

UG 1970

Family Medicine
Gustine, CA

Hasmukh Joshi MD

Hasmukh Joshi MD

UG 1970

San Dimas, CA

Heena Rajdeo MD

Heena Rajdeo MD

UG 1964

General Surgeon
Valhalla, NY

Heena Thakkar MD

Heena Thakkar MD

UG 1964

Houston, TX

Over the past decade, Dr. Ila Shah, alongside our Foundation’s Director, Dr. Vinod Shah, has steadfastly supported underprivileged medical students in Gujarat with a dedicated fund.

These students’ inspiring journeys, rising from disadvantaged backgrounds, highlight the transformational power of modest financial aid.

They graduated as skilled physicians, improving their families’ social and financial status, and are now giving back to society, creating a virtuous cycle.

At the GOSUMEC Foundation, our aim is to emulate this corpus structure, ensuring sustained assistance for those facing financial challenges.

Student Corpus Fund

A $600,000 Student Corpus Fund has been created to support financially disadvantaged medical students.

It provides a yearly 5% draw of $30,000, covering annual expenses including tuition, textbooks, and meals at $2,500 per student.

Beacon of Hope

These funds go beyond financial aid, offering hope and freedom to excel.

They serve as beacons of hope for talented individuals who harbor aspirations of excelling in the field of medicine.

We strive to relieve economic hardship for promising students, giving them the freedom to fully dedicate themselves to their education and training.

Giving Mentors

Graduates become healthcare professionals who become mentors and give back, creating a positive ripple effect.


Equitable Future

GS Medical College will annually identify students in need, ensuring this opportunity reaches those who need it most.

Together, through the Corpus Fund, we are helping shape a more equitable future at our alma mater.

MBBS Expenses

GOSUMEC Foundation USA Scholarships

The Gosumec Foundation USA Scholarships have been established with the primary goal of supporting medical and paramedical students at our alma mater.

Initially targeting those facing financial challenges, these scholarships aim to alleviate the burden of financial constraints, enabling students to dedicate their focus to academic pursuits without the added stress of economic pressures.

Bridges to MBBS & More

The Bridges to MBBS & More Initiative is committed to offering crucial support to medical students facing financial challenges, ensuring their successful graduation without the undue burden of financial stress.

Empowering the Future

This infographic summarizes the entire 2023 scholarship selection and support process in five easy-to-understand steps.

The program has successfully awarded grants to 17 deserving students thanks to the generosity of individual donors.

Endowing the Future

This infographic shows that 6% of students in 2023 come from underprivileged backgrounds.

To help with rising costs, the scholarship aims to ease financial burdens so students can graduate debt-free.

A $600,000 endowment will support three students each year forever.

Every gift makes a difference

Your generosity can make a lasting impact on deserving students.

Your contributions, no matter the size, can help us provide financial assistance to countless students in need.

Together, we can ensure that this endowment continues to support financially disadvantaged students indefinitely.

This vision is twofold: not only do we seek to create meaningful impacts in the lives of our scholars, but we also aim to establish a sustainable corpus and continued reciprocity from our scholar community to support future generations.

Through the combined efforts of our supporters and recipients, we believe this endeavor can thrive indefinitely.

At the heart of this support lies the profound emotion of gratitude.

Through our biannual Gratitude Circle, we aim to unite our community, encompassing both supporters and recipients.

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering a tight-knit community of GOSUMEC Foundation USA-‘Bridges to MBBS & More’ Scholars.

This community will serve not only to support one another but also to extend assistance to future cohorts.

To encourage and reward this behavior, we plan to introduce prizes for the students who demonstrate exceptional kindness and support towards their peers within the scholarship community.

Recognizing and celebrating acts of kindness will further reinforce our ethos of community and generosity, fostering an environment where empathy and support thrive.

As we progress beyond 2023, our goal is to cultivate a culture of reciprocity within this community.

We envision a future where each scholar, having benefited from this support, is inspired to pay it forward by supporting two students throughout their lifetime, thus perpetuating the cycle of assistance.

Dr. D.R. SarDesai
Professor Emeritus of History

Dr. D.R. SarDesai Humanities US Corpus Fund

Dr. D.R. SarDesai, a distinguished Goan, a loving and caring family man, was celebrated for his roles as a freedom fighter, humble community leader,            prolific author, and as an Emeritus Professor and Chairman of the History Department at UCLA.

In honor of the late Dr. D.R. SarDesai, Drs. Archana and Sanjay Bindra have generously contributed $50,000 to promote the humanities, facilitate archives digitization at GSMC & KEMH, and support scholarly endeavors focused on the history of our alma mater.

Furthermore, they have established a U.S. corpus fund through their continued personal contributions.