Increased class size with more non-local students has heightened the demand for hostel space.

Escalating rental costs push students to share a room among four at exorbitant rates, adding to the burden of living expenses, including meals.

The HAVEN initiative supports students’ living expenses.

Nearly 2/3rd of students apply for hostel accommodation

A miniscule number of first-year students receive subsidized hostel accommodation

The HAVEN Initiative seeks to spotlight accommodation challenges and garner alumni support

Jyoti Shanbhag
Nurturing Students in Need

Jyoti Shanbhag, daughter of Drs. Pramila & Gajanan Shanbhag dedicated her life to helping children in challenging circumstances.

From notable Spelling Bee achievements to mentoring in high school, she expanded her educational journey from MBBS in Bangalore to an MBA in the US.

Her versatile background includes empathy, expertise, and experience in medical companies and modeling.

The GOSUMEC Foundation’s HAVEN initiative pays tribute to Jyoti, where empathy, education, and joy come together to support students in need.

The HAVEN initiative, led by Dr. Shanbhag’s in memory of their daughter Jyoti, seeks to aid students with living expenses by establishing a fund.

Beginning with one student, this will exponentially grow through additional personal contributions.

Madanlal Bindra
Legacy of Family Values

Madanlal Bindra, shaped by the 1947 partition, transformed into a successful businessman, community leader, celebrated friend, and compassionate supporter of disadvantaged families through hard work, sincerity, and sacrifices.

Above all, he treasured family values, considering them the cornerstone of his life.

This legacy continues to inspire, highlighting the profound importance of family connections in shaping a meaningful life.

The GOSUMEC Foundation’s HAVEN initiative, a living tribute to Madanlal Bindra, fosters academic excellence, promotes family values, and exemplifies community solidarity, providing a supportive haven for students to thrive.

In memory of Madanlal Bindra, Veena Bindra has generously provided their well-located apartment for up to 5 students, with plans to accommodate up to 8 students post-development.
Gayatri Thapar
Kindness & Compassion

Gayatri, the beloved icon of the Thapar family, was celebrated among friends for her kindness and compassion.

With a notable intellect, a lively personality, a passion for Bollywood, a keen sense of fashion, and accomplished dance skills, she excelled in both social and academic realms.

Her genuine concern for students in distress highlighted her innate kindness.

The HAVEN initiative stands as a tribute to Gayatri, embodying and honoring her enduring qualities of compassion and care for others.

In memory of Gayatri, the Thapar Family has generously pledged to ease the financial burden by supporting meal plans for these students.
Alumni Unite
Bridging Gaps at Our Alma Mater

As alumni, we have the opportunity to rally support and contribute to our alma mater, filling in the gaps where current support may be lacking.

We urge fellow GOSUMECs to step forward and lend their assistance, fostering a stronger sense of community and collective commitment to the betterment of our alma mater.