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Connect global Gosumecs’ with our alma mater, Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, which celebrates its centenary in 2025-2026.

Contribute to alma mater’s development & Student-Trainee Welfare with the 3 Ts: Time, Talent and Treasure.

Engage Gosumecs’ with nostalgic media and enable global networking.

Gosumec Foundation was created on Jan 07, 2023, with the goal of giving back to our alma mater, which has enriched so many.

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Toilets & Boys Common Room


Expand Toilets & Upgrade BCR, along the lines of the recently renovated Ladies Common Room (LCR), which was supported by funds from a Gosumec donor.

Expanded Toilets will meet the needs of the students, trainees, staff, patients and  their relatives.

Upgraded BCR will provide a comfortable and inviting space for our male students to take a breather from their course work and socialize.


Dr. Sanjay Bindra, Your GOSUMEC website far exceeded my already high expectations. It is incredibly informative and in an entertaining way that makes one want to go over every single category and each included item.

I was unaware of a number of the things described, in the History such as the Firsts, and Nostalgia – especially the Archives and the Gallery. The Documentary is fascinating.

The Project listed has considerable practical value at the ground level – not seen commonly in Projects by similar organizations that tend to be abstract and showy.

The focus on Medical Humanities is invaluable.

Congratulations on your amazing work, which must have taken months of concerted efforts and collaborations. My hats off to your hard work, creativity, vision, and wisdom.

Dr. Dilip Jeste

Dr. Sanjay Bindra, Congratulations on the creation of a magnificent site that shows our institutions in a variety of formats. I am glad that you have not presented a ‘beautified’ picture but have taken care to highlight areas that need further improvement. The projections for the future you have provided (example: Boys’ Common Room) are excellent.

I am also glad that you were able to include snippets from Ms. Gulserene Dastur’s superb documentary. Dr. Ravi Ramakantan’s introductory remarks to the graduating students are especially touching.

You and your colleagues have worked hard. The result is striking.

Dr. Sunil Pandya