Dean, Dr. Sangeeta Ravat

Dr. Sangeeta Ravat, an academic neuro-epileptologist is the 19th Dean of Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital.

With 2250 beds, 67,399 annual admissions, averaging 185 daily; 1,804,005 outpatient visits, averaging 5,993 daily; 163,641 urgent care visits; 65,590 surgeries, 8,365 endoscopies; 6,226 deliveries, this hospital is amongst the busiest in the world (2022 data).

The medical school educates 250 students each year for the 4.5 year MBBS course with 1 year of rotating internship, 52 Occupational therapy students (40 UG, 12 PG), 60 Physiotherapy students (40 UG, 20 PG), and trains 1094 residents and fellows. Supervised by 558 full-time faculty and supported by 1038 nurses, this is a very busy place.

While maintaining order and functionality, at both the hospital and medical school, she continues to pursue positive relationships with alumni.
She is actively engaged with the Gosumec Foundation USA to fulfill its objectives of serving the students’ needs.

She has promised to streamline the processing of source documents of US alumni by regulatory bodies, with a goal of 72 hours turnaround time (Fixed deposit to be established by the foundation to service the administrative and courier fees).

She welcomes us to celebrate the centenary of our alma-mater, encouraging alumni to guided tours of the old and new parts of KEM and GSMC, evoking nostalgia and generating pride.

Unique Achievements

  • Increasing the strength in numbers of intensive care beds to meet the complexity of patient population with a commitment to improve outcomes.
  • Increased number of ICU Beds to 225, with 14 ICUs in different disciplines.
  • Development of specialized Stroke Unit with 24 hour access to thrombolytic therapy and endovascular thrombectomy (EVT).
  • Enhanced diagnostics with newer CT, 3 Tesla MRI scanners and Video EEG monitoring for seizure disorders.
  • Comprehensive epilepsy care with pharmacologic treatment, therapeutic drug monitoring, PET/SPECT molecular imaging and over 600 epilepsy surgeries.
  • Deep brain stimulation for refractory dystonia, supported by charitable donations.
  • Specialized vertigo clinic. Over 600 cochlear implants.

24 Hour Cath Lab: STEMI Project

  • 24 hour Cardiac catheterization lab access for primary percutaneous revascularization for patients with STEMI, providing timely and effective treatment, to help improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of long-term complications from myocardial infarctions.
  • Surgical management of complex congenital heart disease.
  • Bringing innovative care with community partnerships (CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility) with comprehensive nephrology care, including Division of Interventional Nephrology.
  • First Hand Transplant in a public hospital in Maharashtra, performed by Dr. Vinita Puri.
  • 2nd cadaver lab in the country.
  • Tissue Bank for donated tissue storage.

Hygienic, Healthy and Free Meals for patients’ relatives

Meeting the needs of family members with provision of free nutritious meals.

New Library E-stations

Continued investment in medical education with provision of Library e-stations to provide access to digital resources and services.

Refurbished and Modernized Indoor Games Facility

Upgraded indoor recreation courts providing students with a space to socialize, stay active, and take a break from their academic activities.