Collaborative Class Projects empower GOSUMECs to collectively engage with their batch peers in supporting diverse initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of our alma mater

These projects focus on bridging the gap in resources essential for student development

Indian GOSUMECs have the opportunity to collaborate with HOD Physiology, Dr. D. Shenvi, Dr. Lopa Mehta and contribute tax-deductible fundsĀ  to the Diamond Jubilee Society Trust (DJST)

GOSUMECs in the US can contribute tax-deductible funds to GOSUMEC Foundation USA
Those outside India and the US can still contribute in US dollars to GOSUMEC Foundation USA, though without tax benefits

They are encouraged to explore creating nonprofits in their regions and join the Collaborative Class Projects initiative with GOSUMEC Foundation USA

Digital Library

GOSUMEC Foundation is leading a transformative initiative to modernize e-learning at GS Medical College

Our vision is to modernize libraries by enhancing WiFi infrastructure and offering state-of-the-art iPads, thereby overcoming access barriers and ushering in the digital age

Recognizing technology’s pivotal role in enhancing learning, we aim to create a dynamic digital ecosystem

This initiative enables students to easily access educational resources across multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops

To ensure accessibility and sustainability, we’ll install secure charging stations

These stations aid students in charging personal and borrowed devices, making the transition to digital learning smoother

GOSUMEC Foundation isn’t just investing in technology; we’re investing in the future of education

Join us in shaping a tech-savvy learning environment at GS Medical College, where students can thrive