Donate Stock

You can donate stock to support GOSUMEC Foundation USA

GOSUMEC Foundation USA is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Tax I.D. 92-1826702.

While donating cash is the simplest and fastest method for many, GOSUMEC Foundation USA allows you to donate with appreciated securities.

Gifts of stock provide tax advantages, allowing you to maintain liquidity while supporting the crucial initiatives of GOSUMEC Foundation USA.
Donate appreciated securities held for over a year to GOSUMEC Foundation USA to bypass capital gains tax while enjoying the full tax benefit of the transferred stock’s value.

How Do I Donate Appreciated Securities?

The process is simple!

Share the stock name, number of shares, and GOSUMEC Foundation USA account details with your stockbroker:

  • Financial Institution: Charles Schwab
  • Account Registration: GOSUMEC FOUNDATION USA
  • Account Number: 5772-1426
  • DTC Number: 0164

Then, email or to confirm your completed order.

Important Notes:
This information does not constitute legal or tax advice; consult your financial advisor.

GOSUMEC Foundation USA may sell the securities post-transfer.